Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Walled Garden

The winter of 2011/12 was spent re-designing the Walled Garden to contain our new Tea Room, we've erected a yurt. 

You'll find a lovely airy space with comfy sofa and news papers, toys for the smalls, and the most important thing, an extensive menu.  Bring your friends and relatives for lunch and choose Ham Egg and Chips or Venison Casserole and Buttery mashed Potato, or a selection of Cured Meats and Mediterranean Breads, Mixed Olives, Stuffed Peppers and Sweet Potato Fries.  Bring the children for Pasta with a Homemade Tomato & Cheese Sauce, Cottage Pie, Creamy Fish Pie or Sausage Chips and Beans.  We are of course still serving our Sandwiches, Baguettes, Wraps and Filled Rolls, choose a Ploughman's or a Bowl of Soup.

Come and have a look, the Walled Garden is a smashing space with lots of promise and lots to be done, we're off to a very promising start, what do you think?




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