Friday, 16 September 2011

Film Premiere at Berkeley Castle

Uncertain Proof Premières at Berkeley Castle

There may not be a red carpet but on the 21st September, the anniversary of the death of Edward II by means of a red hot poker at Berkeley Castle, a new film will offer the possibility of a different story and the dream of the producers of Uncertain Proof will come to fruition.

The film, 4 years in the making, has been created by a new Community Interest Company, Bristol Films. The film was shot at locations in and around Bristol and was produced for the staggeringly low sum of £1,700. One reason for this is that actors, crew and location owners have donated their talents, equipment, land and buildings to help make the film.

The film is a semi-factual historical drama based on a letter written by an Italian priest, Manuel de Fieschi, advising the then king that Edward II escaped and that he had in fact met him in Italy. The film tells the story of how Fieschi, having scoured Europe, arrives in Italy to face storms and plague and enlists the help of an elderly priest, a cynical servant and a strange reclusive man to help him find a hermit.

The première will also be a celebration of the life of leading local actor, director and playwright A. G. Ford who, having written the screenplay and played a leading role in the film, died on 2nd September 2011 and was unable to see the completion of one of his greatest works.

A DVD of Uncertain Proof will also be released on 21st September 2011.

Picture: Genovel Andrei Alexa as Manuel de Fieschi

For further information please see the Electronic Press Kit attached – or contact

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